What's Your next step?

Sunday Morning is the gathering of "THE CHURCH". 

Church happens when we invest in deep relationships with one another for the purpose of encouragement and serving as we live for Christ in our every day lives.  Our goal is to create strong Faith Families in which every person can connect.  We believe when people participate in ministry exciting things happen, and that’s why we invite you to connect with us at Nashville Church of Christ!

Our passion is to get you connected through serving on a team and being part of a Journey Group. 

We believe when people connect in ministry exciting things happen, and that’s why we would love to connect with you at NCOC!  Getting connected at NCOC is our way of making church feel smaller and for you and your family to grow spiritually.

Things like Journey Groups, Kidz Trek, GO:Students, Trail Life/American Heritage Girls and Service Teams are available for you and your whole family to grow spiritually.

Don't wait connect with us now to make a difference.  

Join a Journey Group

The best way to make a big church feel small is by joining a Journey Group. Life is a journey and these groups are a place to grow in your relationship with God while you connect with others. Meeting in homes, on campus, coffee shops, and more across the area, people are doing journeying through life together in a fun-filled, relaxed environment and it’s easier than ever to get connected!